Making of


Following paths, following sounds, opening the senses

Finding a place that feels right.

Listening to the place, through ears, through eyes, through touch

Responding with movement.

With the support of a witness, repeating, honing, shaping,

Repeating , honing, shaping

A new skin, trying costumes, becoming the story.

The musicians arrive carrying harp, fiddle and tunes  in their souls

The musicians’ play

The influences combine


Repeating, honing sculpting until a dance is formed.



Apply anti midge lotion

A woodland glade populated by performers, artist’s cameras, musicians, harps, cables, monitors microphones and walkie talkies.

Performing the piece to cameras.

Camera that see every moment.

From different angles

Cameras that shift and swoop

With eagle eyes.

Apply more anti midge cream

Repeat the performance

Again and again

One last time and one further last time

Capturing moments

Applause at the end of every take.


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