Exploring the wild

The project began with a five day residency in Tycanol woods facilitated by movement artist Simon Whitehead.

The aim of the residency was for each performer to have time to build a relationship with the wild, 

To listen and respond to  ourselves, the environment and fellow artists.

It was also an incredible opportunity to be together as a group in a creative and supportive environment.

For many on the project it was the first adventure away from support workers or home life.

During the residency we witnessed each other moving in the studio and in the landscape.

We walked through, explored, listened to, rested in, danced in, sung in, the woods.

We explored moving with the body of the woods , the leaves, branches, mosses, lichen, rocks.. Awake to the changing sounds, breezes and light that moved through the woods.

We shared the dances we had made sometimes with our walking partner sometimes with the whole group.

On returning back into the studio we remembered, we drew, we chatted, we relived our adventures. We had time for the days adventures, feelings, textures ,storys, laughter to settle into our bodies.


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