About the project

Arty Party is a charity based in Shropshire, which supports and empowers learning disabled adults to explore, express and celebrate their creativity.

Arty Party wishes to make powerful and high quality art as a group and to support individual artists to make their own work and share it with the public.

‘Four solos in the wild’ is a project which was created to support Arty Party members in experiencing the environment, working together as a community, and to create four new solo works for film.

The project consisted of:

A residential ‘Locator’ week led by movement and land artist Simon Whitehead. During this week seven Arty Party performers were invited to explore and respond to the wild landscape of Tycanol woods in Pembrokeshire.

A devising and filming week where four of the performers returned to devise, perform and film the solo work. The four performers created their solos, drawing on their own artistic ideas, creative voice and response to the landscape, with the support of creative advocates, inclusive dance artist Rachel Liggitt and director Ray Jacobs. The solos were sensitively filmed and edited by director of photography Jonathan Tritton

A tour of galleries and theatres in the UK, sharing the four films alongside photographs of the performers by dance photographer Chris Nash.