Exhibition and short films

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Wait for me by Erika Juniper:

A daily visit to a tree, a wish, an outpouring.

Erika created this solo during our first residency in the woods. It shows and shares her connection to the landscape. Erika is a performer with Arty Party Physical Theatre.


The composer by Mervyn Bradley:

The composer listens , the composer finds his place, the composer dances with the world.

Mervyn is an intuitive and poetic performer, this work is his sensory response to the music, sounds and touch of the woods. Mervyn is an experienced actor and dancer. Mervyn is the main actor and co director of ‘The Sea Reminds me’ a multi award winning short film. Mervyn is a performer with Arty Party physical theatre.


Let go by Andrew Kelly:

Let go is an emotional journey mapping lifes up and downs along the length of tree branch, finding moments of serendipity , anger and ultimately letting go.

Andrew Kelly crafted this solo during the devising week, it took a great deal of emotional strength to make this autobiographic work. Andrew is a performer with Arty Party physical theatre.


A safe place to rest by Graham Busby:

Being on the look out, ever shifting, awake to danger. Moments of abandon letting go and enjoying the sensations of the forest, finally resting and being held by the forest.