Quotes from the comments book

Beautiful and soothing

The performers expressed depths of feeling and it was deeply engaging with the natural world in a beautiful way. Sounds of voice, instruments and birdsong blend in a spiritual symphony. Colours and visual textures of the woodland made me want to go , touch, smell and feel that tree, that stone, that moss…wonderful a work of art.


A beautiful collaborative artistic and expressive endeavour, engaging individuals, together in a responsive, expressive journey in a magical forest location – Thank you for sharing yourselves and your work with me.

Beautifully inspiring

Mervyn is an artist with an incredibly commanding presence

I thought the whole experience was very moving and beautiful particularly liked Andrew Kelly’s piece, I would like to see more work exhibited like this.

Beautiful I don’t think I could tire of this exhibition, shall visit again

Very Calming and Inspiring I brought a group of disabled adults; they were inspired by the art and the music

A healing transforming experience

Absolutely superb, beautiful, I enjoyed a peaceful experience, so calming

A tree is the memory of everything that ever was, an infinite energy that is there for all to find

It was really good it made me feel like I was with the performers in the woods watching them.

Beautifu,l very moving and atmospheric, thought proving and at one with the landscape.

Beautiful, tears in my eyes, very moving

Really lovely, well done to all, especially Mervyn

Moving and imaginative, well done to all the performers Brilliant.

A stunning collection of solos, inspiring and beautiful

Inspirational, well though out and beautifully executed.

Engaging, moved me deeply.

Thoroughly enjoyable, poetically performed

Fascinating, so much beauty

Mindful tranquillity beautifully portrayed

Mesmerising dreams

Just Beautiful, sensitively and inspiringly portrayed by each person, thank you

Extremely gifted dance artists, sharing deep sensitivity to their surroundings. Projects like this should happen more often, congratulations to all involved.

Absolutely beautiful, I loved all the pieces and each dancing experience. I was transported, thank you.

It was super, I love the music

Wonderful films

Thank you for your stories

This project is lovely, I have an older brother with autism and it’s so good to see individuals with differences celebrated in this exhibition.

Beautiful exhibit, makes one feel at peace and serene, love the performers interaction with nature in their own way.

Beautiful images and music, love the setting of the woods, fantastic

Beautiful xx

A most wonderful exhibition, moved me to tears, perfect in every way.

A very impressive exhibition and I look forward to the next one

Thank you thank you, just beautiful and moving

Delightful to talk to the artists

I really enjoyed the exhibition; It made me question the relationship between art and nature.

Lovely peaceful and enchanting

It is amazing, performers should be proud of themselves and it has helped me with my bronze arts award.

I really liked the setting and how the actors were immersed within it.

Keep up the wonderful work

Amazing quiet space to relax and forget about everything, lovely and bright, you can hear birds, how lovely, beautiful music animal , wind and natural sounds, if you look carefully you can see a lot.

Stunning space, photos film combined, soundscape really works , beautiful piece as a whole.


Very well produced and moving

Excellent work , great sounds, beautiful pictures and beautifully filmed

Calming, creative, focussed and wonderful

Lovely, committed, green , beauty , intelligence, flowing with beautiful music

These musical journeys were beautiful and inspiring, I like Erika’s in particular; it made me feel relaxed and rested.