Exhibition tour launch at The Place Theatre, Telford.

Over 100 people attended our exhibition tour launch at The Place, Telford. It was a fantastic celebration to launch the exhibition. The audience enthusiastically viewed the films, spent time talking to the artists and gazed upon the photographic images.


The films and images were exhibited beautifully within The Place Theatre auditorium and gallery.



The evening included a celebration and prize giving to the Arty Party artists who made the work. It was great that the whole artistic team could come together and celebrate their achievements .



The evening included an incredible mosaic of emotions, moods and dancing ! While some people danced their socks off on the dance floor, others were spending quiet time , watching and listening to the films. Arty Party had also recently had tragic news about the loss of one of its most creative members Dean Warburton, many people were spending quiet reflective time at a table of remembrance for Dean.

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